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Welcome to Oxford Kung Fu School!

Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu website!

Pete Orum is an official teacher (sifu) in the Oxfordshire area to be endorsed to teach the system under Master Paul Whitrod who is authorised UK representative of the style from the Ip Family Hong Kong.


Old school closed door style training

Peter has students who still train since 1998 but because off its hard training regime, a lot off people try the system but unfortunately find it hard to continue sometimes. I like to think I put 100% into teaching this complete awesome fighting art, and all I ask for is keen dedicated students.I have now decided to teach old school closed door style and have a maximum of eight students in a class. Any new students wishing to join can do so only if spaces are available. If no spaces available I will take their name and contact details and contact when a place becomes available. Private one to one lesson also available for any person who wishes to learn this complete fighting art.The one to one lessons can be arranged any time for new or old students. And people who wish to learn but no spaces in regular lessons and want to train until a space available.


The Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis fighting system. Has many conditioning drills to harden the body. And it's usually hard for students accept at the beginning, you can say it takes a special person to see it throughout. One of the reasons for conditioning the body is for when fighting we use almost any part of the body to attack or defend — hands, elbows, shoulders, hips, knees, back, feet and head and teeth. There’s 22 principles of the system and heres a list of few. You should be light (on your feet), but equally solid and relaxed, Like a eagle Your eyes should be fixed on the target.Never attack half-heartedly use intent (yi) The most important one, You should always hit your attacker in the vital areas of the body, or aim for vital targets (dim mak) This system not flamboyant in any way. And theres little wasted motion, its aggressive and straight to the point.




The System

This system originated from the shaolin temple and is a true authentic martial art. If you want to learn a fighting art for self defence or just would like to keep fit, we have regular beginners lessons. The aim of this web site is to enlighten you about the Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu give information about classes not just in the Oxford area but all of the UK. And if you like to attend regular classes in Oxford or maybe private lessons, then just pop along to a lesson for a friendly chat. Pete Orum Sifu.




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The Oxford Chow Gar Mantis shool is dedicated to teaching the external and internal skills of the art.


Qi gung (Hay gung)

Breathing excerise to strengthen the mind & body.

Pad work

Great all over workout and developing the techniques.

Chongs (Two person drills)

To help train as real possible without injuries.

Iron palm/body Training

Strengthen the body with specific tension and breathing drills.

Forms (kata)

Helps learning applications and good cardio workout.

Weapons Training

Good for developing the self awareness.

Dit Dar

Massege and dit dar .

Poon loong keok/Yau Loong

Ground form (loong keok) softer coiling form (Yau loong).

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Regular and one to one classes!

One to One lessons tailored to suit your needs

Classes are keep to a small group, this enables to students get full attention !

Regular group lessons (close-door)

Classes are small and limited to no more 8 students per lesson. This gives chance for the sifu take time with the students and work on the techniques.

Private one to one lessons

Private lessons are great for those who want to work on a particularly topic and has having 100% teachers attention you for sure learn quicker.


Sifu pete orum has a lot of knowledge about this system and enjoys promoting the art. His happy to hold seminars in your area and show some aspect of the art. From forms, drills, weapons, chi gung (hay gung) and conditioning just contact pete and disgust your needs.


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Regular Classes and private lessons Fees.

All lessons fees is paid at the beginning off each month, for the whole months classes. One lesson a week — months fee £29. All lessons up to three a week is £42 a month .







Private one to one lessons is £35 per hour and discount for bulk booking.

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The MASTER'S And Sifu
--- About the Master's and Lineage ---
Chow Gar Praying Mantis kung fu is a close in fighting system,from Dong Gwong area china, its famous for the phoenix eye fist and hammer hand and more,