The Chow Gar Praying Mantis Kung Fu system, has many weapons.
And also has many Chongs (two person drills) which helps to achieve realism when practicing with weapons. In modern day we cannot carry or use, the weapons has they did in the old times.But training with weapons strengthen the body & sharpen there awareness.
In the system there is four pole form's mostly known his Five Elements, Poison Snake, Sai (iron rulers) straight sword, Swimming Dragons form, Spear form. Plus two person fighting forms.
Myself and Master Paul Whitrod hold regular weapons seminars.










Five Elements Ng Hung Gwun

The five elements pole form name comes from the same has the five element cycle. A continuing cycle of movements until you wish to stop. When demonstrating this form it's usually done the once, one cycle. Each pole form has a speciality this form is low stance helping working the legs making them stronger.

Dao, Broad sword


We have two long swords with in the mantis system the straight sword called gim and his called a sophisticated sword for the way its used wrist energy also a lot more technique achieve the desired results the above photo is the broad sword, Dao this sword is more a swinging and chopping, smashing techniques.

Weapons fighting forms

Mantis kung fu has a few two person fighting form this helps to develop awareness when using weapons you don't injury each other but also work the blocking techniques for real. Most years my sifu holds full contact t pole contest. pole and the competitors is padded up and safe a good experience .