Hay Gung

Hup juerng

Clamping palm Hup juerng is working the mid section off the body making the Iron shirt..

Dip gwut gung

We have many rib bone strength drills called Dip gwut gung strengthen the ribs area also said because this area is strong helps to develop short power energy. Within this system we try to make the whole body harden with the mantis training drills.


The chow gar southern praying mantis kung fu style is external and internal system. We also practice hay gung (chi gung) breathing exercises. They have different purposes, some to help strengthen the body through breathing and movements others help to calm mind and body after a rigorous training session helping to regulate the breathing. What I’ve notice in hong kong more recently people age 45 - 50 years taking up mantis kung fu which usually is more seen in tai ch groups. I personally think this because mantis a great system for strengthening the body and making it stronger. We work the back and sinews, joints and bones we work the outer which more external and the older we get its not easy sustain hence training the inner, internal breathing slow tension drills controlled, this can be done at most ages.


Theres many drills, some are rigorous drills and some soft, breathing to the Dan tian near the navel is good has we using the whole capacity of the lungs which not often used day to day. Some breathing drills help make the heart beat faster making the blood circulation around the body. And when visualise the chi moving to areas of the body more a mediation chi gung a softer drill.