Pete's training history

Martial arts history of pete o,




Pete started goju ry karate from the age of 11 for just under two years and took a couple of grades his teacher was sensei tim copper.
After karate Pete spent a couple of years training in lau gar kung fu under Clive Parkinson world champion fighter at fifty decided to take a break from martial arts until 17 years and training kickboxing for just over a year.
In 1992 to late 1995, pete trained tai chi under peter warr lessons was private and although peter was a master and could demonstrate the applications of technique easy with power, not much fighting techniques was being taught more the health aspects, hence moving to the next art.
Pete had read a number of articles of master paul whitrod on the topic off chow gar southern praying mantis kung fu, finding the articles very interesting he had to visit sifu paul in 1996 in London then started training in the chow gar kung fu early 1997. Sifu paul in my view his a encyclopaedia of martial arts, he trains a number of systems to a very high level and over the years pete taken the chance to gain a small insight to some.
pete has been taught the eight brocades ba duan jin from paul, these eight chi gung breathing drills is famous for strengthen the organs of the body.
He has also practices a small amount of bagua and boran thai boxing. Mostly pete’s priority and love is mantis kung fu and trained with the top master’s in Uk and hong kong gaining an all round knowledge. Master paul is a very skilful wrestler and grappler spent a few years learning and sparing with top instructors in the UK also spent time in Indian learning wrestling arts. pete today still travels to master paul learning wrestling and grappling no major style.
Pete work a number of years a doorman in pubs and clubs this given him a good view on realisms off martial arts also keeping a professional manner under real hostile situations.