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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Question 1, Difference between kung fu and karate.. ?
  2. Question 2, What minimum and maximum ages for training..?
  3. Question 3,Is the system a sport or self defence ... ?
  4. Question 4, Do you need to have previous martial arts experince ... ?
  5. Question 5,How do I join .. ?
  6. Question 6,Not sure if I am fit enough... ?
  7. Question 7, How much does lessons cost ... ?

Answer 1:

It's said all arts originate from the shaolin temple and buddhist monks traved. karate is practice and comes from japan and kung fu from china both are fighting arts.

Answer 2:

The close door leesons is 16 years onwards no maximum age.There's seprate children lessons for under 16 years. What I’ve notice in hong kong more recently people age 45 - 50 years taking up mantis kung fu which usually is more seen in tai chi groups. I personally think this because mantis a great system for strengthening the body and making it stronger.

Answer 3:

It's very much a self defence and very pracitcal but if any one would to compete I can help.

Answer 4:

No just the willness to learn, don't forget we all started as beginners at some point.

Answer 5:

To join you can phone,email me or just come to one of the lessons for chat beginners are welcome any time if spaces available.

Answer 6:

I hear this a lot from people thinking of training. in my lesson I never compair students aganist others my method is to make the indivdual fitter then they first attended I don't exspect the person to do what the seniors do it takes time.

Answer 7:

I have different price plans but they can start as little as £3.50 a lesson if all mothly lessons attened, email or phone for prices