Yip Shui

The slippery pip.

(Great Grandmaster Yip Shui): Yip Shui trained under Lau Soei in the 1930s and became very good friends, Lau Soei became ill and Yip Shui nurse him before Lau Soei passing away in 1942 he taught the secrets of the system to great grandmaster Yip Shui. Grandmaster Yip Shui had tested is skills for real one time there was a full contact events hundreds gathered to watch the fight. Grandmaster evaded all the on coming strikes from is opponent and the fight went on for some time and was stopped before one serious injury someone and the nickname slippery pip was giving to grandmaster for his swimming dragons evasions techniques being used. I was luckily to meet grandmaster Yip Shui in 2001 in hong kong and see him practice some techniques being sharp and see the fire in his eyes. it was a sad day when he past away in 2004.

yip shui


The above photo was taken in 1999 when Grandmaster Yip Shui took a seminar at sifu paul whitrods school. yip shui was also wa fu spiritual healing from the Shaolin temple also dit dar (fall and hit) specialist or also know as bone setting he treated many patients this was passed on to my sifu paul.