Pete Orum

Pete Orum Sifu

I been studying martial arts since 1989. I started with tai chi & kick boxing, then changeing to Mantis Kung Fu after reading an article written by paul whitrod on Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu system, in a martial arts magazine which I found very interesting. I been studying the system for well over Eighteen years now traveling to london on a regular basis for private lessons with Sifu Paul Whitrod, who I been lucky to know not just for his martial arts skills but also his veiws on life in general. I have been lucky enough to travel to hong kong on a few occasions first time was in 2001 with Master Whitrod & a couple of students to visit the late grandmaster yip shui, we witnessed him demonstating technniques which were amazing as he was 89 years of age at the time. My second time was in 2010 january and regular travel to hong kong to train (uncle) master Li (Master Paul Kung Fu brother) school, the training is intense and tiring but good. I started teaching the art with master Paul's support in 1998 my classes are proving very successful. Pete Orum has worked in the security industry for many years this has given him good insight into Human behavior, and teaching methods that has helped him develop a realistic and practial training style, which Master Whitrod always expressed.


Pete enjoys teaching the art, and can teach all aspects of the art. From hay gung (chi gung) to forms and applications, pad work and weapons beginners to advace level.And his most enjoyment is to see students keen to train, learn and flourish.