Li Tin Loi

Kung Fu Loi.

I have put uncle Li Tin Loi within my site has I have be lucky to train under him. And visted him yearly since 2010 in hong kong. In kung fu terms my sifu's (Teacher) his kung fu brother to Li Tin Loi training under the same master.Hence for me stating the term uncle.Master Li Tin Loi was born in Hong Kong at 1954, Hakka family originally from Wuhua. He shows a strong interest on martial arts when he was a child and started practiced kung fu like Chow lee fut and Chu Gar preying mantis for a very short time. He chosen as a police officer for his profession and served as a marine police officer till retire. Meanwhile, he also started praticed Tung Kong Chow Ka-Preying Mantis under Grand master Yip Siu since 1979. For these years master Li had put all his effort and time on his kung fu practice. Finally, grand master Yip had move by his sincere, loyalty and hard working then admitted Master Li as an in house disciple and pass all he knows to Master Li.

uncle and me

Li tin loi has done many demonstrations in hong kong promoting this style and still promoting today. For a small build person his very strong and can generate great power. He never holds back with teaching but strict with his teaching and will expect you to train hard.