Dit Da Jau is a popular Chinese liniment to heal external damage such as bruises or sore muscles. There are several different recipes for Dit Da Jau, most of which are considered to be a "secret formula" passed down through oral and written history of Traditional Chinese Medicine, martial arts,Dit Da Jau is an analgesic liniment traditionally preferred by martial artists. The system we use has been handed down in the chow gar (family) praying mantis kung fu, and can use on not just martial artist, but the general pubic for sprains wrist, ankles, necks, back problems and knee plus shoulders.

Bruise liniment formulas contain ingredients to stop pain, reduce swelling and inflammation and disperse stagnant qi and blood. It is composed of cooling herbs to reduce swelling and inflammation as effectively as ice; and warming herbs that kill pain, promote circulation, and break up accumulations of stagnant blood and fluids.

The system we use has a number off formulas for differnt puropses and contain many nature herbs. If you like to learn this part of the system students are welcome my sifu teaches many coarses on this topic.

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Pete Orum is qualified deep tissue acupressure massage practitioner, weather you have a sports related injury or stiff aching muscle and joints or simply want to relieve stress.
Deep tissue acupressure is very beneficial and a good treatment for a wide variety of problems large or small.
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Pete his qualified with chinese collage of medicine and holds a valid personel liabitiy insurance.