Lau Soei

Lau Soei.

Chow Ah Naam the founder taught a traveling monk Wong Go Fook who taught lau soei , he was known for his very good martial arts fighting skills in other styles and skilful in horse style kung fu and having awesome power in kicking. One day he was showing his skills & wong go fook seeing him comment on his skills. in return lau soei want to test his skills being on wong go fook which he did and not having any affect on wong go fook was amazed by this and ask to become a student of Wong go fook, after learning the system he moved to hong kong.


The above picture will be found in most southern praying kung fu schools. On the sides of the picture is the etiquette of mantis training, Right side Learn to be kind, Learn to be generous, before learning to study kung fu. Left respect your parents, respect your masters and follow their teaching.