Dim Mak




What do Dim mak/Dim yuet mean?

Dim means to touch or prod. Mak means the meridian paths that go through the body in the form of nerves or tendons and joints the points also referred to the "ching Io” these energy lines travel out and in connecting to a particular organ of the body such as the heart, lungs, kidney, bladder, liver, spleen. Theres well over 350 points on the human body, within this system we work the 108 points 72 points is mild and the other 36 can cause some devastating consequences. Dim mak can be a system on its own another chapter of studying, to make it work with ease needs time pratcing. You can hit a point without much practice and cause little discomfort but to get maximum effect one needs spent time pratcing the correct angle of attack making it more potent thats an art itself. When striking the points in different directions this can cause different effects to the body. Hitting the point forward can cause an overload depending on the point and striking the opposite could a drainage a easy way to understand is look at a machine no fuel then it stops same way a drainage. And too much can give a overload adding more oil or water then the recommended amount. This is taught within the system.