Master's and Sifu's

About the Master's and the Sifu's.

The Mantis Principles

Foucus on the target...

Your eyes should be fixed on the target you should possess "eagle eyes"

Commit ...

"Never attack half heartly"


"Your stance should be light, fexiable, yet strong."


It took me years to find this school - it's difficult to find one with a great system, an excellent teacher, a really decent bunch of other students and the right location. Sifu Pete's southern mantis kung fu school ticks all these boxes for me. I would recommend it to anyone who wants to do a serious martial art.

Ian Student

Very high standards, fantastic system knowledge, makes you want to work hard and know more. If you are looking for the real deal of Chinese Martial Arts, then look no further.

Peter Student

A very deep art with lots to learn, every day I train to improve in the art. Its not only for developing body but the mind as well.

Pete Orum Sifu

Brief history of the chow gar tong long...

A Hakka Art (Family guest). From the shaolin temples. ...

Chow Gar Southern Mantis Kung Fu was given it's name after Chow Ah Naam was living in a shaolin monastery, one day he saw a praying mantis fighting with a black bird and the the praying mantis overcame the blackbird with its's shock power (Gen) from there on he develop a kung fu system with its short shocking power movement like that of a mantis. Because of it's effectiveness he taught the other monks,one of the monks was called Wong Fook Go. Later Wong Fook Go became a traveling monk on his travels he met a man called Lau Soei who was a very skillful martial artist. Lau Soei challenged Wong Fook Go, every time Lau Soei attacked he would lose, Lau Soei was amazed with Wong Fook Go skill that he asked him to teach him. He was the first non monk to learn the system, some years of teaching in china Lau Soei moved to hong kong he taught many people one of them was Yip Shui aftera few years grandmaster Yip Shui was given the responsibility to teach and be head of the Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis Kung Fu system, when Lau Soei past away. Grandmaster Yip Shui taught his son Ip Chee Keung, Master Ip Chee Keung came to england where he taught my sifu, master Paul Whitrod and others. Paul Whitrod Sifu was made uk representative of the system in 1987 and has students of his own teaching in the uk, usa , and Ireland.. Click on the learn more for the linage family tree.

Master's and Sifu's of Old and New...

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Lau Soei

Lau shui who brought the chow gar southern praying kung fu to hong kong from the east river.



Yip Shui

Grandmaster Yip shui was given title of head of the system before passing away of lau seoi.



Ip Chee Kueng

Title Holder head of the system to date, brought the chow gar to uk in the mid 70's and was the uk jounary.



Li Tin Loi

Spends a great deal of time promoting the art around asia. And has a following of students from all over.



Paul Whitrod

Has a following of students most parts of the world, Australia,Italy, and USA, Europe.Trains under him.



Pete Orum

Teahes small group of students (close door style) who are sincere to training and learning this great art.