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Covid-19 .

 Lessons have resume at the required social distancing, no contact until further notice.

One to One Lessons.

Why not book a one to one lesson with a kung fu teacher and he will help you get fitter and at the same time learn self defence. We can travel to your place or you can train at the fully equiped school. We can design you a program or if theres something you like to specialise in then contact him. We cover pad work, self defence drills, chi gung, weapons, grappling, much more. Why not give it a try..

Written by Pete Orum on June  1st, 2021.


Current News

Children  Classes.

Monday children’s lessons for more information contact pete.

One to One lessons.

Private Lesson available.

Written by Pete Orum on June 1st, 2021.


What's New

Lesson resuming. 

Classes on Tuesday lessons is full. Spaces still available Saturday.

First Lesson free.

Classes started back at social distancing FIRST LESSONS FREE.

Written by Pete Orum on June  1st, 2021.